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How Can I Set My Business Apart From the Competition?

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    13 февраля 2017 г., 17:24:45 MSK

    Hello Guys,

    Since the bakery business seems to be growing so fast, I'm concerned about the success of my own bakery. How can I differentiate my bakery and make it profitable? I'd love to know what would make people prefer my cakes, cupcakes and other baked goods over others. Where can I find that kind of information? Could and should I talk to my own customers? What about looking at what the competition is doing and talking to their customers? What other resources could help me really set my bakery apart?

    In many ways the elements that go into differentiating a bakery are the same as any other business. While it may seem obvious, most businesses are not even doing a good job at the three basics. If you can make sure to keep these areas in good shape, you will by default stand head and shoulders above the rest.





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