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How to troubleshoot Unity 5.5 integrations

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    13 февраля 2017 г., 17:31:27 MSK

    Hello Guys,

    We've become aware of some issues with Ads when updating an existing project to Unity 5.5. (Ads Asset Package & editor integration)

    We are addressing these cases, but in the mean time, most issues can be cleared up by toggling Ads in the Services window.

    Disabling Ads will remove the Ads extension from the namespace (allowing the Asset package to own the namespace), while re-enabling it will refresh & update the extension.

    Part deux: If you experience issues with 5.5.0p3, check the following:

    - In build settings -> set build target to iOS or Android

    - In Ads service menu > open Advanced -> Toggle "Enable Ads extension"

    - Make sure you've included the correct library: "using UnityEngine.Advertisements;" (See code sample).





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