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What Information Can Secondary Research Provide?

  • 20 марта 2017 г., 11:49:55 MSK
    • Market Analysis: A snapshot of your market size and its growth potential.
    • Industry Perspectives: Does the industry face certain threats? Are there greater opportunities now that government restrictions have been raised?…etc.
    • Customer Profiles: Figuring out who your ideal customer is (also referred to as 
    • Competitors: How many are in your area? What makes them so successful? What types of marketing are they using…etc.
    • Product Pricing: Compile a spreadsheet of competitor pricing. This can help you determine where your own  Utilizing the Internet and local libraries will give you access to already published and useful information. Exhaust your various searches with Google and other search engines. Also consider seeking out information from some of these great online sources:

    Here are some examples of  Microlending video


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